The Impact of Copywriting In Branding

If I’m about to really simplify the key ingredients of successful branding. Then one of them surely will be “Copywriting”. According to, there are over 505 million blogs on the web.

What does that say? It means our online world is overpacked with contents, articles, images and other media files. That’s why the impact of Copywriting in your brand is more impactful than ever.

What is Copywriting? Copywriting is more than just a few connected words. Copywriting is an art to strategically deliver written words to get your audience to engage with you or your brand. And everyone knows, engagement leads to a relationship, and relationship leads to growth.

“The written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe. – Gary Halbert.”

Communicating Core Messaging

Let’s say you are having a blind date. She sits next to you, at the fancy restaurant. You wonder who the person is, and start making you own opinion based on her external appearance. This is how others see you brand, they make their assumptions without fully getting to know you. Your core message is your first step to get them know you. And get them on your side.

Very initial steps to start a business, is to identify its purpose, vision, mission, values and key target audience. Those are the essentials that your entire brand will be built on. Copywriting is the key element to bring them all and connecting your messages with your audience.

The more compelling your core messaging, the more likely you gain long term customers and community that will follow and support your brand.

Knowing how to create an effective core message lets you set the tone of every communication from your brand.

Without mastering Copywriting sooner or later will lead to disorganization within your company. Get it right as it’s essential part of the growth of your brand.


Developing Brand Voice

To put it simply Brand Voice – is the way brand communicates with its audience. It serves an important role in making sure your messaging makes a correct impression to your target audience.

Good copywriting creates  a brand voice that is unique, beneficial, and serving good cause. It gives a personality to your brand, making your products or services emotional or soul if you will that become emotional for your consumers as well.

Brands with loudest / viral and overhyped voices might get some sort of attentions through social media, search engine, email marketing channels, but in the long term the only brand that survives and remain sustainable, are the ones who’s voice are well crafted, intriguing and compelling.

Mastering Copywriting will make sure you have them set.

Content Is King

In other news, the water is wet.

But yeah, find me someone who hasn’t still heard the statement “Content Is King”.. It’s so obvious, yet there are still many brands don’t put enough efforts in developing the content that speaks directly to their audience.

Audiences can no longer be bothered with empty promotional messaging. Brands need to spend more time in crafting their, articles, newsletters, marketing campaigns, and respect its users time and avoid overloading them bunch of long and overused contents.

Again, a good Copywriting determines the benefits and usefulness of your brand’s content towards your audience. I think in the near future I will write a book about crafting good content that respect its target.

But for now, you need to know why content is king and always will be:

  • Search Engines Love Well Crafted Contents – great for SEO
  • Encourages Engagement – communicates with your audience, and builds community that will support your brand
  • Generates New Leads And Sales – traffic goes up, good content will convert into into sales
  • Scaling Brand Revenue Channels – communicating well through good contents will bring more long term customer
  • Educating Target Audience – good content will not only help to sell your services, but also keep your consumers educated, informed, and have certain expectations where your brand is heading

Brands should, therefore, primarily think of great content before they take further measures in their overall marketing strategies. Having a experienced copywriter in your team , will definitely help your brand to scale and gain more loyal customers.


Good copywriting surely will be an essential element in your brand growth. There is no brand that won’t benefit from copywriting since it’s all about the communication of your brand with your audience.

Ironically, copywriting is one of the most overlooked services in the branding process. Possible, it’s because copywriting is not that obvious to you, you can get away with having “below average” written statements on your website or offline.

However in the long run, not communicating properly with your audience through excellent Copywriting will hurt your brand and simply will interrupt you from scaling your revenue channels.

How important is Copywriting to your brand? Let’s discuss in the comments👇

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